The Teacher Survival Kit

October 21, 2017

At some point during the school year, there will come a time that you may think “I need a gift for my child’s teacher.”

Idea for Back to School, Christmas Gift, End of the School Year Thank You Gift,

Teacher Appreciation, or gift for a Student Teacher

I was blessed with the idea of a teacher’s survival kit as a gift when I finished my student teaching.  I certainly have used the items in my kit! I then realized that I needed a gift for a student teacher so I expanded the idea and thought of EVERYTHING I need to use and that would fit in a glass cookie jar.  (The teacher can take things out and use the cookie jar for treats as well!

Teacher Survival

Suggested ideas:  Chocolate, gum, Medicine for headaches or tummy aches, pens, bandages, glue, card games….

Hopefully this picture helps give you other ideas.

Teacher Kit 2

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