Sweet Treats

April 8, 2013

I love to put fun sayings with candy for all occasions

Birthdays, Get Wells, Thank yous, Lessons and so on.

Here are some of my ideas for great sayings to go with candy. . .


Bottle Caps: ”We can’t keep it BOTTLED up any longer, You Rock!”
                      “Don’t BOTTLE your potential, POP the CAP and let it go!”
                      “We give to you the ‘Elly Badge’, for bravery above and beyond the call of duty!”
                         (the paper could look like the grape soda bottle cap, with a safety pin in it)
Mike & Ikes: ”Who cares what MIKE & IKE say, always choose the right way.”
                        “MIKE & IKE can certainly wait, be 16 before you date.”
                        “You’re just like MIKE & IKE, super sweet and kinda fruity.”
Sweetarts: ”Speak SWEET words! You may have to eat them later.”
                   ”You are such a SWEETART!”
                   ”Be SWEET in word and deed to all your friends in need.”
Dum Dums: ”Don’t be a DUM DUM, come to camp and have some FUN FUN!”
              “Don’t be a DUM DUM, search for the light. Read your scriptures and choose the right!”
              “Only DUM DUMS gossip about their friends!”
 Popcorn: ”Love is sharing your POPCORN.”
                 ”POP, POP, POP, POP, oh what a good friend we’ve got!”
                 ”You keep POPPING into our minds, missed you!”
                 ”You are always POPPING up to serve, keep up the good work!”
Ice Breakers Sours: ”Don’t let gossip leave a SOUR taste in your mouth.”
                                   ”Just thought we’d BREAK THE ICE, Welcome to Young Womens!”
                                   ”Sometimes life is SOUR, Don’t let it BREAK you!”
Giant Smarties (or small ones): ”You are one big SMARTIE!”
                                                     ”Be a SMARTIE, come to our party!”
                                                     ”You are so SMART, you think with your heart!”
                                                     ”Reading our scriptures makes us SMARTIES.”
Mints: ”I MINT to tell you, how much we appreciate you.”
            “You are a BREATH of fresh air!”
            “Mean what you say, and say what you MINT.”
Sharpies (or pens or pencils): ”You are one SHARP Young Lady!”
                                                  “Make your MARK in life, Do your best!”
                                                  “Some choices are PERMANENT, so choose carefully!”
                                                  “COLOR the world with your smile.”
Snickers: ”LAUGH and the world LAUGHS with you, cry and I cry too.”
                 ”Don’t LAUGH but we think you’re sweet!”
                 ”Our favorite thing about you, is that you’re NUTS!”
                 ”You are NUTRAGEOUS!”
                 ”We always get the SNICKERS with you at camp.”
                 ”We would be NUTS with out you at camp.”
Lifesavers: ”Small acts of kindness, make you a LIFESAVER!”
                    “The Scriptures can be a LIFESAVER!”
                    “You are a LIFESAVER at camp!”
                    “Prayer helps you SAVER LIFE!”
                    “SAVE a LIFE be a friend!”
                    “Being a good example, is being a LIFE SAVER to your family and friends.”
Whoppers: ”We are going to have a WHOPPER of a good time at camp.”
                   ”With gratitude in your heart, WHOPPER on the back and tell her thanks.”
                   ”One WHOPPER of a lie can destroy your integrity.”
3 Musketeers: ”At camp we are ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FORE ALL!”
                          “24 MUSKETEERS!” (use number of girls at camp)
Gum: ”Be EXTRA diligent in studying your scriptures.”
          “Don’t burst anyones BUBBLE or there could be trouble, remember to be kind!”
          “Thanks for going the EXTRA mile.”
          “In STICKY situations, don’t forget to pray.”
          “CHEWS the right!”
M&M’s: “Much & Many Thanks for all you do!”
                 ”You are a Magnificent & Marvelous daughter of God”
                  “Inside your candy shell, You are awfully sweet!
                  Give Peanut M&M’s and a note saying, “You are anything but Plain!”
                  Give the Pretzel M&M’s with a note saying,
                        “Here is something Salty & Sweet, to our new friend we’re so happy to meet!”
                  “Thank You Sister _________, for the Music & Melody you bring to Primary”
                  “You’re a Magical & Marvelous Teacher, Thank you for all you do.”
Swedish Fish: “Of all the fish in the deep blue sea, YOU are the one for me.”
                                 “You’ve got me Hook, Line, and Sinker.”
                                 “I’m Fishing you a wonderful day.”
                                 “Just keep swimming!”
                                 “Trials in life can be really rough, but swimming up stream can make you tough.”
                                 “A little message from your wife, remember I’m the catch of your life! Happy Anniversary!”
Rocky Road: “When the Road gets Rocky, lean on me!”
                 ”Reading our scriptures keeps us off the Rocky Road”
                 ”If at times your Road is Rocky, Prayer can pave the way.”
                “We know the last few weeks have been Rocky! Just a note to let you know we care!”
                 ”Teaching can be a Rocky Road, a good dose of chocolate can lighten the load!”
                  “Life is Sweet! Rocks and all!”
100 Grand: “Your kindness is worth a 100 Grand!”
                        “We wouldn’t trade you for a 100 Grand!”
                       ”Your effort is worth more than a 100 Grand, but this is all we had!”
                        “Proverbs 3:15 – She is more precious than Rubies!”
                        “You are worth a 100 Grand to us!”
                        “Your service is worth a 100 Grand, we sure are grateful you gave us a hand!”
Take 5: “You worked so hard, Take 5″
                 ”We wanted to Take 5, and let you know we appreciate you!”
                 ”Take 5, You deserve a break!”
                  “It only Takes 5 to walk in the light, don’t forget to Pray morning and night!”
                  “Before you share what’s on your mind; slow down,Take 5, make sure it’s kind.”
                  “Take 5 and notice the beauty around you!”
                  “Take 5 and count your blessings!”
U-no: “Don’t U-no you’re wonderful?”
             ”We want U to no, that we think you’re great!”
              “Be a Missionary and share what U-no!”
              “A Testimony is what U-no to be TRUE!”
              “Thank you for sharing what U-no with us!”
              “U-no we couldn’t have done it with out you!”
               ”TEACHING: Sharing what U-no with the future!”
Airheads: “Don’t be an Airhead, Gossiping hurts!’
                      “There are no Airheads in your classroom. . . . . .
                                                        well, now there are! :0)”
                      “Be careful of the guys you date, stay away from the Airheads.”
                      “If your head is full of Air, read your scriptures with great care!”
Red Hots: ” Your performance was Red Hot!”
                     ”Gossip can leave you Red in the face and in Hot water!”
                      “Don’t lose your head in a Red Hot moment!”
                      “Choose the Right or you could get Burned!”
Big Hunk: “Be 16 before you date, that Big Hunk will have to wait!”
                   ”Dating a Big Hunk can be a lot of fun, but go in groups not one on one!”
                   ”You have a Big Hunk of Talent!”
                    “Take your Big Hunk to the Temple, because Families are Forever!”
Reeses Pieces: “We just love you to Pieces!”
                     ”With out your help we would have fallen to Pieces!”
                      “You were just the Piece we were missing!”
                       ”Thanks for teaching my kids the missing Pieces this year!”
                        “You are each an important Piece to our Family!”
                        “You are an important Piece to our Team!”
Milky Way: “You are the brightest star in the Milky Way!”
                  “You are Out of this World”
                  “Your smile shines brighter than the Milky Way!”
                  “Good Luck! Go out and ride the Milky Way and reach for the Stars!”
              “Life wont always be as smooth as the Milky Way, when it gets rough don’t forget to Pray.”
Rock Pops: “You totally ROCK!”
                        “Gossiping is like throwing ROCKS to POP someone else’s balloon!”
                       ”We just Popped in to say Get Well!”
                         ”Just Popping by, to let you know we missed you!”
                         ”Since you’ve Popped into our ward, you have created quite a Fizz! You ROCK!”
DOTS: “Disciples Of The Savior”
             ”Don’t Overlook The Scriptures”
              “Deliver Others True Service”
We love your feed back! so drop us a comment and let us know what you liked and what other candies you would like to have sayings for.
I recently had a request for a THANK YOU to an Intensive Care Medical team and this is what I wrote.

I would get a basket and put the following candies in it. And attach this poem in a card.
Almond Joy, Mounds, Crunch Bar, Hershey Treasures, Skor, Sweetarts, Lifesavers, Rocky Road.
“Some times life’s intensive and can lead to ROCKY ROADS,
We’ll need help from SWEETARTS to lighten the heavy load.
We were in a CRUNCH with our precious little boy,
The loving care you gave, brought us so much JOY.
MOUNDS of weight was lifted when you took the time to serve,
The title of LIFESAVERS is something you deserve.
We are so lucky to SKOR people just like you,
You are truly TREASURES for the awesome work you do.”


We had another request. This one for a long term care facility. This is what we wrote.
 You will need the following candy bars
Jawbreakers, Reisens, Rocky Road, Extra Gum, Almond Joy, 100 Grand, Look, Crunch, Sweetarts
Our suggestion is to get a basket with the candy bars in it and put the poem in a card.
“Caring for people is Jaw Breaking work,
We know that the hours can be long.
There’s so many Reisens we Thank You today,
You’ve been there for us when things have gone wrong.
Sometimes as we age it’s a real Rocky Road,
So we need Extra help from a friend.
That’s what we consider you to be,
So this wish we gladly send. . .
We hope that your life is filled with Joy,
For all of the lives you have touched.
The work you do is worth a 100 Grand,
Because every day you do so much.
You Look after our loved ones,
With a steady and kind hand.
The times when we are in a Crunch,
You are Sweetarts to take that stand.”
Kit Kat, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup : I found another blog with this idea.  It could work with any candy bar really.
Make a card “Thought I’d forget?  Never fear!  I have this (Insert Candy Name here)  for you”
These candies also are used in some of the links below.
Although many of these could be used for school we also did a School Sweet Treats version. Here is the link to that and so many others like church, teachers, saying I’m sorry, sports and Valentines. Check them out!

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  1. I need a couple of different ideas for Reese’s PB cups and Hershey’s Chocolate bars for Christmas gifts for staff

  2. Lauren on said:

    Can anybody think of some for kit kats or hershey bars… I am trying to do it for my boyfriend..

  3. What’s a saying for a symphony bar?

  4. valerie patterson on said:

    Does anyone know one about kitkats?

    • Melissa Skinner on said:

      My husband loves Kit Kats too! I’ve added something to this blog post about Kit Kat! Thanks!

  5. Carroll on said:

    What is something I can say with candies for my boyfriend for Valentine’s day?

    • Melissa Skinner on said:

      Very sorry but this comment got lost among all the spam comments we got. We hope you found something to work for Valentine’s day.
      The Gals at Crafts by Friends

  6. Jessica on said:

    I am looking to have a thank you note in candy goodie bags for my wedding. I have some ideas for some candy but I don’t know how to tie it all together. You do such a great job and was looking for some help. Thank you!!

    • Melissa Skinner on said:

      Could you email us the candies you want to use and we will see what we can figure out.
      The gals at Crafts by Friends

  7. Delanie on said:

    I am trying to come up with a saying to go with kit kat and reese’s peanut butter cup for my boyfriend. Do you have any suggestions of what to use?

    • Melissa Skinner on said:

      My husband loves Kit Kats too! I’ve added something to this blog post about Kit Kat! As for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup… I’m working on that! Thanks!


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