Scripture Time Fun

April 22, 2013


We should read our scriptures day and night, to learn the difference between wrong and right.

Anyone who has tried this with children who are small, finds that no one is even listening at all.

The wiggles set in and the boredom too, so what in the world are we to do?

So to make Scripture Time never the same, I have created a wonderful game.

I knew that we really needed to read the scriptures but having 4 small kids with an abundance of energy, I found myself constantly frustrated and highly irritated. Our scripture time frequently ended with me mad and the kids upset. I thought about giving up and then I noticed one day as I was reading to them, there were two words/phrases that were repeated a lot. “Behold” and “it came to pass”. My children love food and a wonderful idea came into my mind ( I am sure it was an answer to prayer).

I sat each of my kids in their own space (out of arms reach of each other). Then they needed to sit very still and listen for the words “Behold” and “it came to pass”. When they heard it they were to repeat the words and I would throw them a treat. I have used a bunch of different treats. Teddy Grams, Gold Fish, Fruit Loops, Cheese Nips. Basically anything small and tasty!

We have been playing this game at my house for 5 years now. And even as the kids get older it still works. My youngest even asks me “Mom, when is it time for, and it came to pass?” ┬áHe gets upset when it gets too late to read.

Now that some of my kids are teenagers we are even able to stop every once in a while and talk about what we are reading and what it means.

I hope this helps!

It has made a Scripture Time really enjoyable!


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