Primary Singing Time Game: Conversation Hearts

January 26, 2014



We have a new Bishop and I wanted to make him a card from the primary. To give him a HEART ATTACK of sorts. On the back I listed everyone in the Primary so he could remember his first Valentines as Bishop.


Then I had to figure out how to make this card an interactive game with the kids. So I copied two sets of 24 conversation hearts. I put one set on the card and made the other set into huge thick conversation hearts using foam board.


I traced the hearts and used an exacto knife to cut them out. I glued the laminated hearts to the foam board.


I colored the side of the foam to match the front. Then wrote on the back the song that matches the saying on the front.

The songs we used were. . .

Win – Scripture Power (sheet)

#1 – Latter Day Prophets (134)

Shhh – Chapel Doors (156)

I’m Glad – If You’re Happy (266)

Wise Up – Wiseman (281)

Listen – Listen Listen (107)

Love – Jesus Said Love Everyone (61)

I Will –  Nephi’s Courage (120)

4 Ever – Families Can Be Together Forever (188)

I Do – Do As I’m Doing (276)

Teach Me – I am a Child Of God (2)

I Luv You – We Are Different (263)

I’ll Follow – Follow The Prophet (110)

Help Me – When We’re Helping (198)

Love Me – Love One Another (136)

Thanks – Children All Over The World (16)

You & Me – Friends Are Fun (262)

Please – (polite) In The Leafy Tree Tops (240)

Big Kiss – Daddy’s Homecoming (210)

Call Me – Quickly I’ll Obey (197)

Smile – I Am Like A Star (163)

Be True – Stand For The Right (159)

Cool – Snow Is Falling (241)

Sing 2 Me – Sing Sing Sing (253)

I then put them in a cute cookie container that I found at my grocery store.


There is no way that you can sing 24 songs in Junior or Senior Primary in one Sunday.

So I decided to take two Sundays. I just let Junior pick out hearts (I left them out), then let Senior pick out hearts (left those out too). I explained to the kids that all together we would sing all the songs on the Bishops card and when we had sung them all between Junior and Senior each singing some, then we would give the card to the Bishop. It worked out great with 6 songs each time. I then took the card down to the Bishops office and taped it to his door. I explained to him the sentiment of his first Valentines. He loved it! He told me he would cherish it! Which is great. We wanted him to feel Welcome in his new calling. The children felt like they were a big part of it and a lot of them went to tell him that their name was on that card. It was a big hit!

Happy Singing!


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