Ocean Beach Fairy Garden

July 11, 2016


This is my new favorite craft. Fairy Gardens. I love creating a little world that I would love to be a part of. This beauty was created by my mother in law. She has the knack for it.


On this side is a West coast style beach. She hand-made the boardwalk and the life preserve . Little details can be made or purchased like the chairs and flip flops. Any budget will work really.


On this side is a Hawaiian beach, complete with black sands and lava formations. The ocean in the middle is a large bowl that she painted in blue swirls. She then glued coral and fish from the Dollar Tree at the bottom and covered the whole thing with glass for a really cool effect.


You can add fairies to your garden or leave them out and it still looks amazing. succulents work amazing foe these because they require very little water and will root in very little soil.


This amazing little hammock was crocheted by hand but can easily be made with a small piece of cloth and some string.  A lot of freedom can be used in your little created world. Go for it!!



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