Holiday Mesh Wreath

December 30, 2016

Holiday Mesh Wreaths

These are such a fun project.

When you make these the mesh you cut will be enough for 2 wreaths.

To get started you need …

2 large wire wreaths with pipe cleaner ties

2 kinds of ribbon

3 rolls of mesh (each a different color)

a hand full of decorative picks

a large fun item or two


First step is to cut each roll of mesh every 9 inches (the whole roll)

It should roughly equal 36 strips of each color. You will use 18 strips of each color n each wreath.

Second you cut the 2 kinds of ribbon every 5 inches so you have 18 of each. I choose one wide and one thinner.


The idea is to make sure that each pipe cleaner tie has a mesh of each color. For example… My first one had red, then white, then green. Then the one to the right had white, then green, then red. Then the one next to that had green, then red, then white.  Once I got all the mesh tied on I then put on the ribbon. This is a bit of a process but when it is done you can add on the picks and larger items.

Here are a few examples of the ones I have done. There are so many different ways to do it!

 20160918_102057 20161230_221415 20161022_140707 

  20161022_125024 20161022_12490420161219_23412320161022_140548

Happy crafting!


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