Camping Breadsticks and Dutch Oven Pizza

July 10, 2016



Our family loves to camp!

Part of the fun is making amazing food while camping!



Our first dinner for this camp trip was bread sticks and pizza. This really excited the kids, we had never tried these camping before. It was surprisingly easy! Fantastically delicious!




The bread sticks are what we started with first. They take the longest!

The first step is to cut fresh sticks from trees and whittle the bark off the ends down 6 or 8 inches. Fresh branches help cook the bread because the wood will not burn.

Pillsbury buttery biscuits are the best . I flattened them out into long rectangles, then sprinkled them with garlic salt and Parmesan cheese.

Then you wrap it around the stick with the seasoning on the inside. Be sure to press the dough on tight.

Cook it high and slow over the flame. Be sure to hold it level and watch it close. Patients wins out in this! Otherwise your dough will unravel and fall off. When it is not squishy and is cooked well, you can slide it off. When everyone finishes their first bread stick start the pizza, it will be done by the time they finish cooking their second one.

We used Pillsbury pizza dough and spread it over a well Crisco’d 14 inch dutch oven. The dough cooked very quickly over the heat and then we flipped it. Then we put pizza sauce, toppings and cheese. We put the lid back on, turned the heat almost off and let the cheese melt. Watch it close, ┬ádon’t let it burn!

This is not my picture. I forgot to take a photo, we ate it too fast. But ours looked exactly this!

Image result for dutch oven pizza

ENJOY! Seriously BEST camp dinner yet!



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